Scientic’s demonstrated experience extends from scientific exploration through production. Scientic’s scientists study environment induced failures; explore new concepts and theories; execute and interpret environmental models; develop designs and materials; and collaborate with engineers to implement new solutions.

    Scientic engineers apply systems engineering principles to develop and validate prototypes, test methodologies, and system design specifications.


    Our Capabilities include:

    PROCESS: System engineering processes to manage research, engineering, prototyping, and testing tasks regardless of size or complexity.

    KNOWLEDGE: Education and experience in radiation hardening technologies, nuclear phenomenology, analysis of wave-particle instabilities, space environment modeling, mechanical design, high energy lasers, electronic warfare, and optics.

    PERSONNEL: Scientists and engineers with experience in the theory, design, production, and testing.

    FACILITIES: Laboratories, prototype facilities, circuit design, and testing.

    FLEXIBILITY: Proven ability to provide qualified individuals and equipment on demand.

    RESPONSIVENESS: Demonstrated ability to manage complex tasks within budget, schedule, and performance expectations.

    EXPERIENCE: Proven ability to deliver effective and affordable solutions for military and commercial applications.

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    Component Engineering
    Electronic system designs must exhibit first-time quality and meet the highest reliability standards for a long and useful life span.  A comprehensive Component Engineering program controls the selection, application and procurement of electrical and mechanical parts, materials and processes to ensure system quality, reliability, and reduce system costs.

    Component Engineering Tasks:

     During Product Development

    1. Establish Program Requirements

    2. Component and Supplier Selection/Qualification

    3. Bill of Material Analysis

    • a. Risk Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation
    • b. Component Obsolescence
    • c. Counterfeit Part Prevention

    4. Procurement Documentation

    5. Design/Application Engineering Support

    6. Reliability Calculations

    During Manufacturing

    1. Regulations and Requirements Compliance Analysis

    2. Alternate and Second Sourcing

    3. Component Failure Analysis

    4. Problem Resolution via the 8-D Methodology

    5. PCN/EOL Review and Support

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    Development - System Survivability and Reliability Engineering

    Modeling of Space Environments for Satellites and Interceptors

    • Radiation Environment Flow-down Calculations and Requirements Analysis
    • Nuclear and Natural Environment Survivability Assessments
    • Parts, Materials, Processes Tracking and Radiation Performance Assessments
    • EMP (SGEMP, IEMP, HEMP, etc) Analysis
    • Radiation Response Analysis Tool Creation
    • Radiation Test of Electronic, Optical Systems, Parts, and Materials
    • Mechanical Design, Modeling, and Simulation
    • Systems Engineering and Program Management
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    Directed Energy- High Energy Laser

    Scientic supports the USA SMDC High Energy Laser Project office in Program Development, Program Management, and Field Testing. Scientic has a long history of High Energy Laser program involvement that reaches back to the early 90’s and includes:

    Government Program Management

    Nautilus '93-'96
    HELSTF Infastructure SHORAD
    MODS: Early 90's
    C Mine & UXO
    REECE II: '08-'10
    Iraq '10 Counter IED
    Zeus: '96-'04
    Afghanistan '03 C mIne & UXO
    Zeus: '05-'06
    Iraq '05 Counter IED
    REECE III: '09-'10
    Iraq '05 Counter IED
    THEL ACT/Test Bed: '96-present
    METHEL: '01-'05
    Afghanistan '03 C mIne & UXO
    Laser Avenger '07-'08
    C UXO, IED & Static UAV
    Laser Avenger: '08-'10
    Counter UAV

    Program Management Support and Contractor Test Team Lead

    HELM MD: '09-'Future
    • Planned 50-100 Kilowatt Class Laser
    • Compact, Agile Beam Director
    • 360 degree full skycoverage
    • High Precision Aquisistion, Track and Point Sensors; Target Ranging
    • Single Operator with WarFighter-Machine Interface
    • Tactical Mobility
    • mature battle Management
    • Nov/dec 11:Successful SHEL Demo
    • Nov/Dec 13: high Power (10 kW0 Field tests against OSR, UAS, Morters and others
    • Future: Best of Breed 50-100 kW SSL
    In addition to Programmatic support, Scientic is the Test Team Lead and a Major Laser Test Measurement System Developer for HEL MD/HELMTT. As an example, Scientic developed a cost effective solution to measuring the laser beam irradiance on target for high energy lasers.
    Monochrome Camera with Filter Stack
    Results from LBADS Software
    Target Board with witness plates
    Power in bucket vs Diameter

    Scientic has extensive capabilities and experience in supporting test events at government test ranges.

    •  Pacific Range – Pt. Mugu/China Lake
    •  Eglin Air Force Base (EAFB)
      • HEL Weapon System Humid Atmospheric Performance Testing – HEL MD
    • White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) 
      • Aboveground High Explosive Testing – Stallion Range
      • HEL Weapon System Testing/Test Bed Dev. – HELSTF – THEL, HEL TD, HEL-MD
      • RF  Weapons Detection System Testing (RF-WDST
    • Yuma – RF-WDST
    • Naval Weapons Support Center Panama City and Gulf of Mexico – RF Communications
    • Redstone Test Center – HELMTT HEL Testing

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