"Scientic, Inc., Established in 2008, is a VA certified Veteran-owned Small Business with Headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama with locations in Odon, IN and Ann Arbor, MI"

    "Expertise in: Scientific, Engineering, Radiation Survivability, and Test, Prototyping, Production, Qualification & Quality Assurance Activities Supporting Multiple Government Agencies & Industry Customers"


    • Employee-Owned, Small Business
    • HQ in Huntsville, AL
    • Founded in 2008
    • Engineering 70%
    • Technicians 20%
    • Mgt. / Admin. 10%
    • Customer Focus
    • Technical Excellence
    • On-Time Performance
    • Cost Efficient
    • High Quality Support
    • We are Known for Honesty, Integrity, Technical Competence, & Honoring Our Agreements
    Army: USASMDC/Technology Center, PEO Missiles and Space, PEO Aviation. White Sands Missile Range, Army Research Lab, & System Project Offices

    Navy: NSWC Crane, Naval Research Lab, & Strategic Systems Project Office

    Air Force: Space & Missile Systems Center, Air Force Research Lab, and Test Laboratories

     Missile Defense Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Defense Threat Reduction Agency

    Boeing, Honeywell, Kearfott, Northrop Grumman, Analog Devices, L3 Communications. Orbital Sciences, Sandia National Laboratories

    Leader in System Radiation Survivability, Radiation Hardened Electronics Development & Test, High Power Laser Test and Evaluation





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