Scientic’s demonstrated experience extends from scientific exploration through production. Scientic’s scientists study environment induced failures; explore new concepts and theories; execute and interpret environmental models; develop designs and materials; and collaborate with engineers to implement new solutions.

    Scientic engineers apply systems engineering principles to develop and validate prototypes, test methodologies, and system design specifications.


    Our Capabilities include:

    • PROCESS: System engineering processes to manage research, engineering, prototyping, and testing tasks regardless of size or complexity.

    • KNOWLEDGE: Education and experience in radiation hardening technologies, nuclear phenomenology, analysis of wave-particle instabilities, space environment modeling, mechanical design, high energy lasers, electronic warfare, and optics.

    • PERSONNEL: Scientists and engineers with experience in the theory, design, production, and testing.

    • FACILITIES: Laboratories, prototype facilities, circuit design, and testing.

    • FLEXIBILITY: Proven ability to provide qualified individuals and equipment on demand.

    • RESPONSIVENESS: Demonstrated ability to manage complex tasks within budget, schedule, and performance expectations.

    • EXPERIENCE: Proven ability to deliver effective and affordable solutions for military and commercial applications.

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